June 12, 2020

Episode 211 – “I Think You Are Perfectly Safe”


On this episode, Joseph and Hyrum Smith wake up in Carthage jail to a bustling town filled with anti-Mormon militiamen, surrounded by their closest acolytes. Various meeting take place, Jo sends messengers to Nauvoo calling for documents and witnesses in the upcoming trial for treason. Governor Ford finally has a sit-down with the prophet and they discuss everything which led up to Jo and Hyrum being in Carthage jail. Then a hearing is held to determine whether or not to keep the prisoners locked in the jail and to schedule a date for the criminal hearing. Ford decides to disband the militias in Carthage and Warsaw as they were no longer needed. He then resolves to make his way to Nauvoo to talk with the citizens and give a speech to the Mormons there on June 27th, however, he won’t be taking the prisoners with him during the journey as he’d previously stated. Uncle John Smith visits the prisoners and carries a message to Almon Babbit in Macedonia on behalf of the prophet. The prisoners lay down for the evening while Willard Richards scratches away in his journal. A gunshot is heard outside.


Willard Richards journal extract June 23-27

History of Illinois by Governor Ford

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