January 21, 2016

Episode 26 – Joseph Smith, Broken or the Breaker?

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On this episode, we take on the time period from the hot Missouri summer nights of 1831, all the way to the blooming beauty of an 1832 Ohio spring. We introduce a few new characters that get their very own NaMo nicknames, e.g. William Wines (Double-Dub) Phelps, John (Goebbels) Whitmer, and Philo (Dibble-Dabble). We even get introduced to our first contact with one of Joe’s to-be plural wives, Marinda Nancy Johnson-Hyde-Smith-Smith-Hyde. Hingepin Rigdon and Joe team up to continue in their efforts to complete the “Inspired Translation” of the Bible, and get a whole bunch of kooky new revelations as a side order. The episode ends with the March 1832 beating/tarring/feathering, and a special little surprise from Rigdon.


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Outro music Jason Comeau

Links mentioned in the show:

Pope-Kahn letter exchange
Mongol-Papal Encounter: Letter Exchange between Pope Innocent IV and Güyük Khan in 1245-1246

Philo Dibble-Dabble autobiography

Joseph Smith movie (minute 25 for tar and feather scene)

Guest Spots:

Phil Furgeson Show Ep #153

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