May 27, 2016

Episode 33 – Ancient Papyri and Joe Tappin’ Dat Fanny

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On this episode, we jump back into the historical timeline! We start off with the wiles of a Michael H. Chandler, and how he made $2400 off Joe’s fascination with ancient artifacts, then, the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants are voted in as scripture by every member of the church. After that, Big Daddy Cheese is given a living stipend and fees for giving patriarchal blessings, and we talk about another first vision account, only this one is taken from Joe’s own diary. To finish out the episode, we read a couple of autobiographical accounts covering the end of 1835, and leading into 1836, the second of which takes us into talking about the first real sex-scandal we have good evidence for, the one between 18-year old Fanny Alger, and 30-year old Joseph Smith. We don’t run short on crazy for this episode, so strap in and enjoy!

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BoC D&C comparison by Joel

Autobiography of Jonathan Crosby

Autobiography of Benjamin F. Johnson

Brian Hales on Fanny Alger

Oliver Cowdery to Warren A. Cowdery (Dirty, nasty, filthy scrape)

Mormon Think Book of Abraham Article: