September 29, 2016

Episode 39 – Joseph Smith’s Assassination Order

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On this episode, our historical timeline awaits and there is a lot to cover. We spend the majority of the episode talking about a court trial where Jo was being tried for conspiracy of assassination. A man named Grandison Newell, a vicious anti-Mormon, filed a complaint that Jo commanded two men to kill Newell in his home, a command issued by the will of God. Once a religious leader orders a homicide, that religious leader steps into the same realm as any two-bit mob boss, I’ll let you decide if Jo took that step or not. The rest of the episode is spent on Warren Parrish and the various church leaders that were apostatizing in Kirtland, Missouri, and really anywhere there was a Mormonite church.

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Autobiography of P. P. Pratt

Grandison Newell – Sidney Rigdon open letter exchange

Eliza R. Snow about the apostates