November 8, 2014

Episode 4-Martin Harris Pt.2 Meeting of the Minds

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On this episode, we continue talking about Not-So-Smarty-Marty Harris. There was too much to pack into one episode and still keep it interesting so it had to be extended. We learn about the finer details of the investment Marty is about to engage in. Smart business men try to vindicate an investment they are about to jump into and Marty is no exception. He takes a manuscript called the ‘Caractors’ document, which is currently possessed by The Community of Christ (a break-off LDS faction), to a college professor named ‘Not-So-Smarty-Marty’s-Super-Study-Smarty-Party-Pooper-Pal Charlie Anthon’ to make sure “Reformed Egyptian” is actually a thing.

Picture of the ‘Caractors Manuscript’: Click here