October 13, 2016

Episode 40 – Second Mass Exodus plus Marie from My BoM!

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On this episode, we pick up the historical timeline to finish out 1837 and glimpse into 1838. Dissent and defection have never attained levels elevated beyond what we’re seeing in the timeline now. The Parrishites, Brewsterites, the Church of Christ under Coe/Smalling/Harris, and a small number of other breakoff factions hit the open religious market in response to public dissatisfaction with Jo and his church. Jo, Rigdon and friends make their way from Kirtland to Missouri and back, only to be permanently chased out of Kirtland and relocate to Missouri during the harsh winter months. This episode is a two-parter and includes an interview with Marie Kent, host of the My Book of Mormon Podcast, talking about our show and the D&C in general, all while giving us a glimpse into her life and study of Mormonism.

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