November 3, 2016

Episode 41 – Gloria in Ecclesia. Fili Raptus in Nominee Deorum

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On this episode, our scope lands from mid-January to mid-March, focusing on three separate but equal locations. Kirtland, Ohio was the center of dissent and violent mob action against Jo and his loyalists. Along with a few other families, Jo and Rigdon were forced to flee Kirtland, leaving the main church building on fire in their wake and arriving in Far West, Missouri as a temporary safe haven. Things weren’t well in Far West either. The trusted church leaders held a tribunal and excommunicated or put on hold the Whitmers, Oliver Cowdery, and W. W. Phelps until Jo and Rigdon get into town. The saints are faced with some hard decisions in the coming year. Do they stay in Kirtland and follow a breakoff faction; or follow the one true prophet, Joseph Smith, to Missouri, where saints are frequently shot or chased from their homes? We wrap up the discussion with a topical subject currently rising in relevancy out of Nevada. The Church of the Devil may share a bit more in common with Mormonism than we initially perceived…

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