November 24, 2016

Episode 42 – Schism Grenade with John Hamer

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On this episode, we invite an actual Mormon historian to offer context and perspective on the timeline. John Hamer grew up in the church but eventually came to join the Community of Christ. He’s been studying Mormon history for decades, abundantly evident when listening to any podcast he’s featured on, and we simply can’t ask him enough questions. We cover in detail the transition time from Kirtland to Far West in 1837-38 as well as the social pressures existing between the Mormons and the Missourians. We end with a big discussion of the schism crisis after Jo’s death with some of the largest break-off sects (Strangite, Cutlerite, Rigdonite, Parrishite, etc.), then finish with the reorganization that gave the RLDS church its name. We restrained ourselves to 2 hours of talking for everybody’s sake, but there are no promises we’ll keep to the same restriction next time John’s on the show!

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Sidney Rigdon – Forgotten Hero of Mormonism

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