January 19, 2017

Episode 46 – Mo Conquest and Mythicist Milwaukee Part 2

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On this episode, we begin with a wrap up of the live God Awful Movies in Chicago and talking about everything the atheist/skeptical community has to offer. After that we jump into a discussion about the Mormon refugee crisis going on in mid-October 1838 in Missouri. Jo had to feed the flock and the only way to do so was through raiding and pillaging the Daviess County locals. We read a warm letter exchange between people on opposing sides of the conflict along with a large excerpt from Benjamin Johnson, the first-hand recounting from a Mormon raiding party participant. After that we move on to part 2 of a discussion with Brian and Sean of Mythicist Milwaukee; be sure to check their podcast feed for part 1!

Mythicist Milwaukee interview pt1
General Parks’ letter to James Sloan
Benjamin F. Johnson My Life’s Review
Reddit post w/ dove and walking on water stories

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