February 3, 2017

Episode 47 – Executive Order: Atrocity with Andrew Torrez

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On this episode, we cover a lot of ground but only advance our timeline a total of 4 days. Mormon depredations throughout Daviess County are answered by vigilante militia depredations against Mormons. The anti-Mormons are routing the Mormons to concentrate their population in the twin sanctuary cities, Diahman and Far West in preparation of a mass siege to put down the Mormon fanatics once and for all. Captain Samuel Bogart’s troops take two Mormon spies prisoner and Captain Fearnought assaults their camp on Crooked River with the Danites. Once Governor Lilburn Boggs catches word of the Danite aggression, he answers with a 4,000-man militia armed with an Executive Order to exterminate the Mormons. We bring on Andrew Torrez of Opening Arguments podcast to shed some expert light on the situation.

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Colonel Cornelius Neil Gilliam
Captain Samuel Bogart
General John Bullock Clark
General Atchison to Boggs 22-10-1838
Recollections by Peter H. Burnett
Ebenezer Robinson Autobiography

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