March 2, 2017

Episode 49 – Profit of High Treason

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On this episode, shock and awe is an effective strategy. In the wake of the Haun’s Mill massacre, the Jo and the Mormon leadership are given a final ultimatum, surrender or the twin cities (Far West & Adam-ondi-Ahman) fall and the Mormons fall with them. General Lucas of the Missouri militia dictates four stipulations of surrender as the Mormons are outnumbered 5 to 1 and surrounded. Mormon Colonel George Hinkle negotiates an extension for the night but Jo and the leaders are taken as hostage to force compliance to surrender. The twin sanctuary cities are violated and the national media explodes with rumors and fake news.

Parley P. Pratt (P-cubed) autobiography
Reed Peck Manuscript
Local Missouri newspapers
General Sampson Avard
Thomas B. Marsh
1838 Mormon War in Missouri Stephen LeSueur
The Rise of Mormonism: 1816-1844 H. Michael Marquardt

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