May 18, 2017

Episode 52 – Liberty Love Letters

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On this episode, we view the Mormon exodus from Missouri to Illinois through the eyes of those locked up in Liberty Jail. Jo and Hyrum try to run the church from their dungeon, while Rigdon is trying to reestablish the Mormon kingdom which was lost. Jo has letter correspondence with his wife and Presendia Huntington Buell at the same time. We finish, as usual, with random musings about Hingepin Rigdon and his belief in a God that would dare to cause him such personal suffering.


LDS article on Liberty Jail

Letter to the Chuch in Caldwell County 16 Dec 1838

Letter to Brigham Young and Heber Kimball 16 Jan 1839

Memorial to Missouri Legislature 24 Jan 1839

Letter from Edward (Party-boy) Partridge 5 March 1839

Letter from Don Carlos and William Smith 6 March 1839

Letter from Emma Smith 7 March 1839

Letter to Emma Smith 21 March 1839

Letter to Presendia Huntington Buell 15 March 1839

Isaac Galland—Mormon Benefactor

Journal of Discourses 23:12 John Taylor on Sidney Rigdon

Pulpit Podcast – Naked Mormonism and Gilgal Gardens

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