August 24, 2017

Episode 64 – Death of Joseph Smith

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On this episode, we bid farewell to some prominent members of the Mormon church as so many were perishing due to famine and resulting sickness. Joseph Smith Sr., Big Daddy Cheese as we know him, imparts blessings on his wife and children as the darkness begins to close in. After that, we catch up with Bloody Brigham and the quorum of the Twelve on their incredibly successful mission to England, where Brigham was getting a feel for what it was like to run his own religion. Later we’ll bring on Ryan McKnight for a Mormon Leaks Minute about church leaks featuring Denver Snuffer and a huge document of sex abuse allegations raised against the church. It’s not a happy episode today…

Times and Seasons Vol 1
Mormon Leaks:
RadioWest Denver Snuffer by Doug Fabrizio
Snuffer leaks
Instances of Child Sexual Abuse by Member of LDS church

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