October 26, 2017

Episode 74 – Foster Pulls a Pistol on Joseph Smith

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On this week’s episode, we read through a bunch of the first revelation Joseph Smith gave in Nauvoo that made it into the D&C, section 124. Since the passing of the Nauvoo Charter, the Mormons could finally rest easy that they wouldn’t be chased out of Illinois after living there a year like had happened in Missouri, so they set up camp. By that, I mean, Jo gave a revelation dictating the organization of Nauvoo to build it up, starting with the most important parts, like building a house for Jo and his family. Section 124 has a bunch of important names in it so we review most of the names and why they’re relevant as we move through the revelation. After that, Nauvoo holds its first election in February of 1840, electing John Wreck-it Bennett to the office of Mayor and various church elites to the offices of aldermen and councilors. Jo finally had a legally sanctioned theocracy with no looming threat of a Missouri militia to come and take it away like 2 years ago.

D&C 124 1844 vs 2013
Nauvoo House
George Miller
John Snider (Snyder)
Vinson Knight
William Marks
Henry G. Sherwood
Robert D. Foster

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