November 2, 2017

Episode 75 – Bennett’s Teetotalitarianism

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On this episode, the era of excitement for the new official Mormon home in Nauvoo gets to the leadership’s collective head. Wreck-it Bennett gets up on the stand during his mayoral inauguration and sets out a number of decrees Nauvoo would need to fulfill if it’s to last into the coming decade. The Nauvoo government establishes a small number of committees and passes ordinances to set out the letter of the theocratic law. Nauvoo would be a temperate society, but effectively fostered an underground market for liquor, just like the U.S. government in the following century, but Jo and Bennett had their fingers on the knobs for who could buy and sell liquor within the city limits. This episode is all about organization by a group which had suffered from lack thereof for over a decade up to this point. After that we’re joined by Jack Naneek of the Mormon Awakenings podcast to discuss just what it means to be a member of the church and seek validation from our Mormon community.

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