November 24, 2017

Episode 78 – CC Polygamy Part 1

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On this episode, we finally dive into polygamy. We’re ramping up for polygamy in Nauvoo prior to April 1841, but before doing so we have to set the historical stage to understand the world from which Mormon polygamy evolved. We begin with marriage from the dawn of historical time and skim across the top of major world religions throughout most of written history to finally arrive at the post-enlightenment western world filled with small groups of free-love proto-hippies. This is part 1 of a multi-part series on Mormon polygamy.

Code of Ur Nammu
History of Marriage – Alex Gendler
1955 Hindu Marriage Act,_1955
Polygamy in Judaism
1908 Jewish encyclopedia on Polygamy
Saint Augustine On the Good of Marriage
Adamite or Adamian free-love church
History of United Methodist and Wesley Brothers
Quran Surah 4 an-Nisaa
Polygyny in Islam
Martin Luther’s writings on Polygamy
Martin Luther wiki page
Munster Rebellion wiki page
Free-love societies
Polygamy vs. Monogamy population study
William Blake Visions of the Daughters of Albion

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