December 7, 2017

Episode 80 – CC Polygamy Part 3 The Stone Rolls Forth

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On this episode, we cover the major sprouts of Mormonism which sprang from the fertile religion Nauvoo soil. From the Strangites, to Whiteites, to Josephites, to Brighamites, to Godbeites, and back to Brighamites again, every major faction of Mormonism seems to have a highly polarized stance on polygamy. Politics plays it’s role as laws are passed in attempt to outlaw the twins of barbarism, slavery and polygamy, largely aimed at curtailing the religious overreach of the Mormon theocracy in Utah. This is part 3 in a multi-part series on the history of polygamy.


Opposition to Mormon Polygamy in Utah

Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act

James Strang

Lyman Wight

Whiteite Polygamy

Alpheus Cutler

Joseph Smith III

Saints Herald 1860 archive

Buchanan’s Blunder War of 1857-58

Poland Act of 1874

James A. Garfield Inaugural Address 4 March 1881

Assassination of Garfield, trial of Charles Guiteau

George F. Edmunds

Edmunds Anti-Polygamy Act 1882

Grover Cleveland 8 Dec 1885 annual address

John Taylor

Wilford Woodruff,_Wilford

1890 Manifesto—Official Declaration 1

Supreme Court Ruling upholding Edmunds-Tucker Act

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