March 1, 2018

Episode 92 – Joseph’s Myth Plus Justin Clark

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On this episode, we cover the evolution of the first vision accounts spurred by an 1841 interview with Joseph’s brother, Reverend William Smith. From the 1829 revelation included as D&C 20 today, to the mid-1830s, to the John Whitmer history in 1838, to the History of the Church printed in the Times & Season in 1842, Joseph story looks less like an actual occurrence and more like a the coming-of-age story to a mythological figure. Was it God and Jesus who appeared, was it the angel Nephi, did the Sacred Grove even happen? These questions and more pose serious challenges to the claims of divine provenance of the young prophet. After that we have on Justin Clark from the Reason Revolution podcast to talk about the rise of the freethought movement in 19th and 20th-century America.


1832 First Vision Account

1835/6 First Vision Account

1841/2 First Vision Account

Several Remarkable Visions Orson Pratt

MormonThink First Vision Essay

MormonThink Nephi or Moroni Essay

LDS First Vision Essay

John Whitmer History Introduction

1841 William Smith Interview p.410;view=1up;seq=425


Reason Revolution with Justin Clark

We Talk About Dead People Sidney Rigdon

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