March 8, 2018

Episode 93 – CC Protect LDS Children

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On this episode, we invite Sam Young of the Protect LDS Children campaign. Currently, Sam’s petition has over 16,000 signatures urging the LDS Church to change its policy concerning how Bishop’s interviews are conducted. As it currently stands, Bishops frequently ask sexually explicit questions during regular interviews in a child’s development, one-on-one, behind closed doors, perpetuating a cycle of shame and creating situations where sexual grooming is normalized. March 30, 2018 marks the public march to the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City to deliver the petition to the Church along with collected stories from people who’ve been affected by these invasive interviews. Please consider joining us in this grassroots movement, whether you simply sign the petition, share your personal story, or you’re able to make it to the march, Sam needs our support. This episode is longer than usual and it’s punctuated by stories which may cause some listeners to feel triggered; listener discretion advised.


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