Episode 137 – Emma’s Stairway to Hell

Download Here On this episode, we discuss the historicity of an altercation between Eliza Snow and Emma Hale Smith. Legend has it that Emma saw Eliza who was “heavy with child” kiss Jo and pushed …
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Episode 139 – A City of Glass Houses

Download Here On this episode, Jo was safe for a little while. It was time for the 1843 elections which returned predictable results. Jo elevates the Nauvoo House to the importance of the Nauvoo Templ…
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Episode 143 – Kinderhoax Plates

Download Here On this episode, Joseph Smith is a fraud. We discuss two occurrences in Nauvoo which prove that Jo didn’t have access to any knowledge that people of his day did. First is the Greek Ps…
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Episode 147 – First They Came

Download Here On this episode, Governor Ford’s hands are tied. Sheriffs Reynolds and Wilson, who’d arrested Joseph Smith, appeal to the Governor to call out the state militia to rein in Jo. The Mo…
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Episode 148 – D&C 132 Pt. 1 the Text

Download Here On this episode, we dive into deep Mormon theology! While this podcast is all about Mormon history, sometimes we need to discuss doctrine, when it was given, and the historical context d…
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Episode 150 – Helen Mar Kimball

Download Here On this episode, we seek to humanize a controversial and fascinating figure of Nauvoo Mormonism. Helen Mar Kimball has been leveraged as an attack against Joseph Smith for decades. The p…
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