Download Now  On this episode, we tap into over a dozen news articles to get a finger on the pulse of 1844 America when it came to the Mormons. People across the nation loved to read headlines about the Mormons and papers with those headlines sold like hotcakes. Newspapers ramped […]

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Episode 171 – Horse Thief Daniel Avery

Download Now On this episode, we begin with discussing the arrest and extradition to Missouri of Mormon horse-thief Daniel Avery. He suffers for 2 weeks in a Missouri jail and is let off on a writ of habeas corpus to return to Nauvoo and swear out an affidavit detailing what […]

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Episode 170 – Council of Fifty Pt. 3 Conflagration

Download Now Joseph Smith is granted 100,000 soldiers as part of his private militia, gets elected President of the United States, and his Council of Fifty manages war on 2 fronts with the Confederate South and Texas-Mexico border while General Smith wages a conquest covering over a million square miles. […]

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Episode 168 – Council of Fifty Pt. 1 William Clayton

Download here On this episode, we begin our deep-dive series into the Council of Fifty. Joseph Smith’s theocracy required organizational structure; the Council of Fifty is how he planned on implementing it. William Clayton was called as scribe for the Council and we discuss his life and role in early […]

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Episode 165 – Stone Rolling Through Fluid Morality

Download Here On this episode, we discuss how fluid Joseph Smith’s morality and theology really was. We begin with his evolving perspective on slavery from pro-slavery to abolitionist when it was politically advantageous. Then we discuss how Mormonism was strictly monogamous to closeted polygamous when possible. Then Jo goes from […]

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Episode 163 – Live and Die by the Law

Download Here On this episode, we discuss the Law family. From Jo’s personal counselor in the Church presidency, aide-de-camp in the Nauvoo Legion, registrar of the University of Nauvoo, and general Mormon eliteness to one of the most powerful and outspoken critics of Joseph Smith and Mormonism; William Law has […]

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