CC – Mark Hofmann Part 1

Download Here On this episode, we take a break from the historical timeline to examine a person that has been shrouded in mystery since making his way onto the Mormon historical scene in 1978; Mark Hofmann. He’s a man responsible for manufacturing an unknowable number of forgeries and selling them […]

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Episode 37 – Joseph Smith Evades a Coup

Download Here On this episode, we’ll start out with the Safety Society Company absorbing Oliver Cowdery & Co. printing press, expressing just how much power it really had. After that we’ll discuss 1830’s politics of the Whigs versus the Democrats and what that meant for the Mormons in Ohio and […]

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Episode 35 – Joe the Swindler Gets Hoodwinked

Download Here On this episode, we take a dive into 1836 to catch everything up. Until this time, we’ve just covered the big ticket historical topics that occurred in 1836, so we need to get everything else caught up. We also introduce 2 new NaMo nicknames for people that have […]

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Episode 34 – Kirtland Temple Hallucication

Download Here On this episode, we start off with a discussion about the history of Mormon temples. This launches us into a discussion about the resources necessary to build such a structure, as well as how they paid for by the church. After that we discuss 6 pages in the […]

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CC – Race and the Priesthood

Download Here On this episode, we take a clean cut look at one largely controversial topic in Mormon history. Until 1978, no person having any black lineage could hold the priesthood, which denied them access to the highest kingdom of celestial heaven. Any black person that made it to heaven […]

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Episode 32 – Smith v. Smith Aftermath of Zion’s Camp

Download Here On this episode, we cover the History of the Church recounting of Sylvester Smith v. Joseph Smith. A couple of month’s long journey had riled up some unfriendly feelings between Sylvester and Joe, but luckily, Joe wasn’t in the wrong for any situation, and everything was Sylvester’s fault. […]

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