Episode 14 – Sidney’s Rigorous Examination

Download Here On this episode, Sidney Rigdon is in the crosshairs. He starts as a young boy working on the farm by day, and reading history books by firelight at night. Fast forward a decade or so, and Rigdon is running the biggest Campbellite church in Pittsburgh, PA. The end […]

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Episode 13 – Charles Darwin Versus Joseph Smith

Download Here On this episode, we talk about all the holes that the treasure digging team dug under the direction of Joe. Joe’s upbringing tends to parallel that of Charles Darwin, and we talk about the similarities and differences. Website Twitter @NakedMormonism Facebook Patreon Outro music used with […]

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Episode 12 – Joseph Smith Disorderly Disgrace

Download Here On this episode, we discuss exactly what happened in Joseph Smiths 1826 trial. This is a supplement to episode 11, and contains what happened in the aftermath of the trial. A forgery by a Mormon historian, the proof of historical texts, and epic controversies abound. Joe’s ‘leg bail’ […]

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Episode 11 – Joseph Smith’s Glass Looking on Trial

Download Here On this episode, we take a look at the 1826 trial of Joseph Smith for being a disorderly man and an imposter. Raw court notes, biased accounts, and polarizing consequences fill this episode to the brim. How will the verdict affect our up-and-coming prophet? Website Twitter @NakedMormonism Facebook

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Episode 10-Joseph Smith, Palmyra Pariah

Download Here On this episode, we follow Joe and the whole Smith clan leading up to Joe and Emma’s move to Harmony, PA. Treason, death threats, and the seeds of an empire are planted in the fertile soil of the burned over district, from which rises, the crippled pheonix that […]

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Episode 6-Polygamy Special Pt.1

Download Here On this episode, we take a look at the essays recently published, by the church, about polygamy in the early church. There were two essays totaling almost 7000 words with lots of mormon speak and convoluted history. They are clearly worth deconstructing from the naked perspective. This episode […]

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