Episode 4-Martin Harris Pt.2 Meeting of the Minds

Download Here On this episode, we continue talking about Not-So-Smarty-Marty Harris. There was too much to pack into one episode and still keep it interesting so it had to be extended. We learn about the finer details of the investment Marty is about to engage in. Smart business men try […]

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Episode 3-Introduction to Martin Harris (Not-So-Smarty-Marty)

Download Here On this episode, we introduce a new character. South Park fans rejoice, here comes Martin Harris! DUM-DUM-DUM-DUM-DUM!! Or as we come to know him, Not-So-Smarty-Marty. We talk about the fateful day he met Joe and spoke with his entire family about this “Golden Bible” that Joe found. Near […]

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Episode 2-Emma Smith Blushing Bride Mafia Wife

Download Here On this episode, we discuss the lovely Emma Hale, who later became Emma Hale Smith when she married Joe, and even later becomes Emma Hale Bidamon, much after Joe dies in his notorious gunfight. We find out what Joe’s father in law thinks of Joe, as well as […]

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