July 21, 2016

Special Edition Episode 26 – NewNameNoah Mormon Exposé Documentarian

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On this episode, we dive into a 2-hour discussion with Mike Norton of NewNameNoah. We talk about everything from his walk through Mormonism and his video documenting of Mormonism, all the way to stories of almost getting caught by Mormon police and his Temple Recommend trafficking hobby while answering questions from the /r/ExMormon subreddit. He mentions a lot of videos that are all linked below, so be sure to check out everything we talk about.

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Twitter @NakedMormonism



Outro music by Jason Comeau

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Voicemail Line (864)Nake-dMo (625-3366)

Links mentioned by Mike:

Behind the Veil 2

Mormon Temple Ceremony

Washing and Anointing Ritual

Mormon Temple Wedding Ceremony

Brother of Gideon/Danite article

How to find Mike (NewNameNoah):

Twitter @NewNameNoah

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