August 4, 2016

Special Edition Episode 27 – Sunstone Symposium Mormon Nerd Convention

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On this episode, I tell everybody just how at home I felt at the Sunstone Symposium. Sunstone is a convention for Mormons and non-Mormons to gather together and talk about the hard issues, with presentations by authors, historians, podcasters, and directors of various foundations; some believers, others non-believers. I had the opportunity to totally geek out and interview some authors, historians, and podcasters that I revere and frequently cite as sources for my research. The audio quality isn’t great, but the content is superb. You’ll hear audio clips from Grant Palmer, D. Michael Quinn, H. Michael Marquardt, John Hammond, Lindsay Park, and John Dehlin. For links to their works check the bottom of the show notes.

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Interviewee links:


Grant Palmer –

Insider’s View of Mormon Origins

“My Ah-Ha Moments While Researching Mormon History”

Michael Quinn –

Wiki page with all his books

Michael Marquardt –

The Rise of Mormonism 1816-1844

Mormon Central

Tyler Glenn Trash –

John Hammond –

Island Adventures

Infants on Thrones –

Lindsay Hansen Park –

Year of Polygamy

Color of Heaven

John Dehlin –

Mormon Stories Podcast

Open Stories Foundation

Sunstone Symposium webpage

The Pulpit Podcast with Joey and Andrew

Mama Dragons

Mark with Lost Mormonism

Jeremy Runnells CES Letter

Rainbow Radio Presents with Dan

Konw the Trut Ministries Podcast