January 29, 2015

Special Edition Episode 3 – First Intellectual Collision with Agnostic Theist Jesse

Download Here

Special Edition Episode 3 – First intellectual collision with agnostic theist Jesse, just dropped. On this episode, we take a quick break from history, to get an introduction to a pretty basic debate about DNA, abiogenesis, and God’s fingerprints of design. It’s really more of a discussion than a debate, which I enjoy quite a bit more.

Any subsequent discussions that Jesse and I have, will be patron only episodes from here on, so this is just another Patreon Teaser episode. Hopefully this will be the first of many discussions, with people that have a belief they want to defend.

Let me know what you think about the conversation, no Patreon charge for this episode, being the third release of the month.


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Outro music used with permission