December 8, 2016

Special Edition Episode 34 – Communicating Polygamy with Lindsay Park

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On this episode, we take the opportunity to have a conversation with an armchair Mormon historian known as the host of Year of Polygamy and Color of Heaven podcasts, Lindsay Park. Lindsay has made a livelihood from communicating Mormon history, and strives daily to actively open roads of discussion between believers and ex-Mo’s which typically remain less travelled. She now works as assistant director of the Sunstone Foundation to bring Symposiums to the world. We talk about her work and the ways she’s been successful in communicating Mormon history to her believing loved ones. From there we go on to discuss the history of polygamy and how it affected the Church since 1831. Was Joseph’s polygamy all a fabrication by Bloody Brigham Young?

Year of Polygamy Podcast
Color of Heaven Podcast
Connell O’Donovan – Joseph T. Ball and William Smith Boston Polygamy
The Fern Foundation – Colorado City Service Project
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