May 25, 2017

Special Edition Episode 43 – Classic Psychedelics with Prof. Carl Ruck

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On this episode, we air an interview conducted at Boston University’s theological department during the Mormon history tour. We get to hear from Professor Emeritus Carl A.P. Ruck of classical history. Ruck has been publishing in the field for 3 decades and sits as one of the foremost historians who has extensively researched certain religious rituals and their use of entheogens. He gives his opinion on whether it’s feasible for Joseph Smith to have used them in the early days of Mormonism. After the conversation, we dive into a discussion about what attendees can expect during this year’s Sunstone Symposium presentation on July 29th, “Revelation Through Hallucination”. Marie Kent, host of My Book of Mormon podcast, will be in SLC for Sunstone as well; we’ll be doing a live show from Squatter’s pub. Check both Facebook pages for more info!


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