June 8, 2017

Special Edition Episode 44 – New Church History and Old Cults with Charone

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On this episode, we look at a new release from Deseret News which claims that the church will produce a new comprehensive history. A 4-volume set released over 4 years covering more than 200 years from an historically verifiable, transparent, fictionalized account, written at a 10th grade reading level. This is their new commitment to answering controversial Mormon history; I’m not holding my breath. After that we talk to Charone Frankel of Habeas Humor Podcast to talk about her path through religiosity and how she came to host an atheist-law podcast. Be sure to give her show a listen, track down episode 11 to hear us talk about the FLDS.

Charone on Habeas Humor
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Deseret News “Church History” article
Richard Bushman “Church has to change narrative”

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